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Banana Boat Rides

Come enjoy family fun on our banana boat rides.
We tow our 16 foot inflatable banana boat behind our boat around the
Jersey Shore beaches.


General Information

  • Total Boat ride: 45 minutes

  • Banana boat ride: 20 minutes

  • 12 people maximum

  • Price: $40 per person

  • Observer fee: $20 per person


Photo packages are offered on the boat.

Arrive 15 minutes ahead of time for check-in.

What to wear: swimsuit with a cover-up.

Outstanding Crew Works for Tips- Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Cancellation Policy

A credit card number is required to hold a reservation.  There will be a 50% cancellation fee for any reservations not cancelled within 24 hours notice or doing a no show.

Reservation Policy

*Weather related cancellations are determined by the management and are 100% refundable.  If you think the weather is questionable, please call us at (732) 681-8359.  We will let you know if your trip has been cancelled.

**OBSERVERS are only taken if reservations for that trip are not filled at the time of the flight.  They are taken on a first come, first serve basis for a $20 per person fee, no matter what the age of the banana boat rider.

We understand you might like to watch your family on the banana boat.  UNFORTUNATELY, we have a limited # of seats and banana boat riders come first.  If you are unable to go with your kids, our Captain and Crew will take good care of them, we have been doing this for 16 years and have not lost a kid yet.  We are happy to suggest a beach location where you can watch them.

Release forms can be downloaded and printed from- our website and brought with them. 

*If you are PREGNANT, have a HEART CONDITION, or BACK PAIN, we are unable to accommodate you on our boat as per insurance requirements.

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